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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Villa in Colonial Style: Marbella, Spain

Leaving Tallinn airport - surprisingly long queue. Also moved surprisingly fast.

Good old Ryanair safety instructions

This is what anyone needs on a long flyover.

Layover at Stansted Airport. Sophie was kind enough to bring a receipt - travelling with a group hence the large sum.

Our villa for the next two weeks - not bad, not bad at all.

3PM. Starting work. Impressive that it is 25 degrees celcius in October. Costa del Sol, where Marbella is located has a unique subtropical climate which is a rarity in Europe.

On the way to get some food at a local market.


Another one on the terrace.

Going out to check the city centre of Puerto Banus, neighborhood of Marbella.

Discovering downtown of Purto Banus

Strolling the streets...
Since it was late the only place to eat was a little kebab shop...
Night time at the villa
Castle next to the villa

Our street.
Panoramic view from the top floor.


View from the garden.
Land of Catholics

Colonianal style from within

At the end of the workday. Colonial style outside.

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