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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Final cut. Finally. Done.

Our Irish friends were very decorative.

...and here they are. Closing day of exhibition.
Camera died during Irish ambassador's speech.
Very unfortunate, since I have missed for a long time such a diplomatic and exquisite language.
Unfortunate for you anyway.

Preparation for the Saturday Night Superstars.

And my poster for the event.
Simple and touching.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Some faces from last events


What else do you need?

Had an exhibition of our Irish friends in the gallery:

Works by Maria Kerin

Folly Series by Wiona Woods, Photoworks 2010 

My grandfather got greetings from Savisaar on his 80th birthday.
He seemed delighted and happy.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Saw this bird out of my window.
Anyone knows who is it? A falcon?

Painting from exhibition in Russian Cultural Center.
Most of works were boringly academical, was expected.
This one was the only work where author tried to use a bit of imagination.

Some paintings in Cafe Pierre.

Spring is coming to Tallinn

Performance in Marz

Some faces from this weeks' events.


Tallinn roofs from above.

Ice fell on my neighbour's car.
I think he didn't even notice it since car was still there in the evening.
Couple of people died this winter from ice falling on their heads.

Koidula, a writer on the 100 krone note.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spent some time redecorating bar stand in the gallery,
floor was so dirty I have decided to block it from spoiling my artwork:

Went to the unemployment office first time in my life.
Especially remembered one woman in her late twenties-early thirties:
Social worker: "What was your last place of work?"
Woman: "Oh, I don't remember it was long time ago."
After checking the database:
Social worker: "Your last work place was in Autobussikoondis (Public transport) nine months ago..."
Woman: "aahhh, yes yes."

Some people need to stop taking drugs.

Spring has arrived to Tallinn:

My glorious university has used a cover for propaganda of Ruling Party...
As it was just before the elections to the parliament. Coinsidence?
Just pathetic:

Independence day of Estonia. 24th February:

To celebrate the independence day, a selection of Russian and German music was especially selected:

Then came the celebration:

Some snapshots of Ira's notebook, I am jealous: