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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spent some time redecorating bar stand in the gallery,
floor was so dirty I have decided to block it from spoiling my artwork:

Went to the unemployment office first time in my life.
Especially remembered one woman in her late twenties-early thirties:
Social worker: "What was your last place of work?"
Woman: "Oh, I don't remember it was long time ago."
After checking the database:
Social worker: "Your last work place was in Autobussikoondis (Public transport) nine months ago..."
Woman: "aahhh, yes yes."

Some people need to stop taking drugs.

Spring has arrived to Tallinn:

My glorious university has used a cover for propaganda of Ruling Party...
As it was just before the elections to the parliament. Coinsidence?
Just pathetic:

Independence day of Estonia. 24th February:

To celebrate the independence day, a selection of Russian and German music was especially selected:

Then came the celebration:

Some snapshots of Ira's notebook, I am jealous:

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