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Friday, April 29, 2011

Conference in Radisson

My friend invited me to an event held in Radisson Hotel on 27. April. It was organised by a media club called "Impressum", which is also mentioned in the KaPo (kaitsepolitseiamet/ security police aka secret police) yearly report as a threat to Estonia. Did not hear any threatening speeches, but saw around 200 people in their 50s and 60s. 

The main orator was Giulietto Chiesa, a journalist, politician and a member of Italian Communists in the 60s and 70s. Was talking something about how the world is changing and how everyone has to adapt to these changes. 
After my friend asked him "what do we have to do in order to stop being exploited by capitalism", he answered that "Marxism-Leninism doesn't work any more". Thank god. 

Chairman Giulietto Chiesa

Old audience, probably most of them are former Communist Party members. At least they gave me such an impression.

Giulietto Chiesa is known for protecting the rights of people who have Alien's Passports in Estonia and Latvia (Estonia - 100 000 people hold it, in Latvia a bit more). It is a good thing that he is talking about it since he is also member of the EU parliament, since not a lot of people outside of Baltic states know about this issue and when you tell them they do not believe, however you do not have to be a communist or Putin's personal ass licker or a radical to understand that this situation in the country is not right in a logical, moral or any other sense. For example, it does not let you vote in any elections except local ones. The best thing is that people who were born here in Estonia, have this passport, and their children if they are born here, will also have it. 

Requirement for getting an Estonian pass is to pass Estonian language exam. I remember when some of our politicians could not pass this exam, and they were native Estonian speakers. So yes, if you speak Russian as a mother tongue it can be a bit difficult. From another side, Russians could have already learned Estonian language, since they did have 20 years time.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Closing of EAST

So yes. EAST is closed, yesterday was the last party. New owners' plan is to set up a souvenir shop for summer. I will try to find other events worth reporting on that will be happening in Tallinn in May. New place was opened in Old Town in April, called Ptarmigan, will update you on how it is going later.

PS: Oh yes, I apologise for my bad behaviour yesterday or if I insulted anyone, don't remember much anyways...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Unexpected encounter in a tunnel

Unexpected encounter in a tunnel in Tallinn. Crawling slowly with my camera behind Sebastian's back...

Camera was shaking a bit, blame the coffee...

Unexpected encounter number two. Kaarel and Sebastian.

Monday, April 25, 2011

DIY Electronics

                            Elijah is testing his fresh DIY electornics made out of vodka box

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nälg / Hunger by Anna Hints & Maria Rõhu Linnagaleriis

Exhibition in the Town Gallery (Linnagalerii) in Tallinn on Harju street: "Hunger"

"Mahavisatud Raha. Ülejaagid"
("Thrown Money. Leftovers")

"Ma tean, et sa armastad mind ainult siis, kui ma olen kõhna"
("I know that you like me only when I am skinny")
Anna Hints, 2011

"Sisse ja välja. Buliimiku päev."
("On and Off. Bulimic's Day")
Anna Hints, 2011

"Kohustuslikud Rituaalid. Näituse Avamine"
("Obligatory Rituals. Opening of an Exhibition")

"Kerjav Kunstnik"
("The Mendicating Artist")
Anna Hints, 2011
Exhibition was about artist(s) who have to starve since it is difficult/impossible to earn money as an artist in Estonia. Before I went there I was sceptical about the exhibition, since it is difficult to earn money in Estonia in general for an average person. Meaning that artists' problems were taken out of context of the whole situation in the country. This lead me think about virtual non-existence of civil society/social  responsibility in Estonia, just like in the most of post-Soviet states. The worst thing is that no-one really talks about this obvious inconsistency.

Anna Hints, 2011

However after visiting the exhibition I was more or less pleasantly surprised. It is not that I am an art critic/old complaining fart, it is just the reality of situation in here and now.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Highschool art

Friends from my former school opened their first exhibition:

Works by Zakk


Works by Aliis

 Ehibition opening the next day:
Notice the KGB agent on the right

Young and experienced businessmen


Introductory speech by Paolo

Aliis giving a speech


Was a nice exhibition, but wine was bad.
Exhibition is open until 19th April in Aatrium Gallery on Harju 6

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CYBER CINEMA - Festival Opening

Improvised cinema screened animations 

Festival will continue throughout April in different places of Tallinn (Vabaduse Valjak 04.04; Solaris 07.04-11.04; 15.04 19:00 - Kinomaja Uus 3; 22.04 21:00 - Baltijaam; 29.04 19:00 - Viru Keskus, Bus terminal; 04.05 19:00 - Vene Teater, Black Box )

Hare Krishna

Summer is coming to Tallinn

Friday, April 1, 2011


Presentation of a new CD by ensemble U: on Thursday in the gallery.

After the speech people rushed towards free cake and Vana Tallinn.

One of mysterious visitors.

neighbours performing - another night

Sound check, best part of any event.

Sound check 2



Performance 2

Neue Haas Grotesk sound checking before the performance, like any other good band.
Notice a pineapple on the background.

Elephants performing.

Our Latvian neighbour.


I am sorry that I have not posted other performances of the night, reason was that the evening got blurry and mixed .