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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nälg / Hunger by Anna Hints & Maria Rõhu Linnagaleriis

Exhibition in the Town Gallery (Linnagalerii) in Tallinn on Harju street: "Hunger"

"Mahavisatud Raha. Ülejaagid"
("Thrown Money. Leftovers")

"Ma tean, et sa armastad mind ainult siis, kui ma olen kõhna"
("I know that you like me only when I am skinny")
Anna Hints, 2011

"Sisse ja välja. Buliimiku päev."
("On and Off. Bulimic's Day")
Anna Hints, 2011

"Kohustuslikud Rituaalid. Näituse Avamine"
("Obligatory Rituals. Opening of an Exhibition")

"Kerjav Kunstnik"
("The Mendicating Artist")
Anna Hints, 2011
Exhibition was about artist(s) who have to starve since it is difficult/impossible to earn money as an artist in Estonia. Before I went there I was sceptical about the exhibition, since it is difficult to earn money in Estonia in general for an average person. Meaning that artists' problems were taken out of context of the whole situation in the country. This lead me think about virtual non-existence of civil society/social  responsibility in Estonia, just like in the most of post-Soviet states. The worst thing is that no-one really talks about this obvious inconsistency.

Anna Hints, 2011

However after visiting the exhibition I was more or less pleasantly surprised. It is not that I am an art critic/old complaining fart, it is just the reality of situation in here and now.


  1. Hello, can I use your photo "The Mendicating Artist" (with reference) in my blog? I need an illustrative picture for my post but I missed all the participants who sat there.

  2. yes, sure! you can use other photos from this post if you want..