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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I decided to take on volunteering one day and joined my friend at Maidla, near Rapla, in central Eesti. The work was supposed to be with kids but it turned out they were almost my age... 

The orphanage where kids live

Our team's house

As well it was time to visit Viljandi Folk Festival for the first time.

Lonely sailboat on the lake near Viljandi

Honestly most of the program was boring, except some variations from our Georgian and Jamaican friends. Me and my volunteer team arrived to Viljandi on the last day of the festival..That could have been the reason other performers did not have that "something" that these guys had:

My team member waiting for something:

Another festival was happening in another village called Maidla in Ida-Virumaa (North-Eastern Estonia). This festival is organised once a year for all Maidla villages (5 of them in total) from across Eesti. It included a long boring speech, during which I felt I was on a Communist Party meeting:

However, the dances that followed the speech, mixed with some local home beer, cheered up the audience:

Korean toilet paper:

Korean noodles:

Korean sauce(?):

Another Korean sauce:

Korean chewing gum:

Korean sauce again. Very spicy and goes well with chicken:

Korean spices:

Daily routine of playing Uno:

On the way to the local shop in Maidla, Rapla vald:

My work:

My team members and orphanage staff enjoying the last dinner together. Of course it included a ceremonial speech at the beginning.

If you want to donate anything to the Maidla orphanage, visit

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