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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Week in Tallinn

Maria Minerva playing in Sõprus Cinema in Tallinn, Estonia.
Apparently she left her homeland to play in London instead. 

Preparing for film premiere in the same cinema as Maria Minerva was playing in the night before:


Premiere of three short films that my friends, with my help, shot/produced in the same cinema:

Me on the left. I had to give a little explanatory speech about the short films and what our company does and what our new projects are.  My speech was a little too short and messy since I did not prepare much and still was "tired" after Maria Minerva's party the night before...
The main star of the night, Lena Kudryavtseva

And finally, we decided to attend amateur Fashion show in one of universities in Tallinn:

All of clothes were designed by fashion students. I made a lot of photos but most of them were blurry...


  1. thanks! i took about 50 photos on fashion show with my cheap camera, but msot of them were too blurry...

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