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Friday, July 31, 2015

Das ist Berlin

This time I visited friends in Berlin. First time in Germany, unexpectedly good impressions. 
Flying to Germany through Frankfurt
View on river Spree
One of the first impressions of Berlin is that it is full of graffiti and posters. One of the most common graffiti read "No one is illegal. Immigrants are welcome", which was interesting.
In general, Berlin is a very left-wing city, this has been the most left-wing place I have ever visited and I have visited a lot of places in Europe and Asia. I guess we can find the roots for this in history.
Friedrich Wagner NOT Richard Wagner as I first thought
No man is illegal
If you are okay with spending a bit of money for tickets and interested in contemporary art, definitely visit "me Collectors Room" gallery/museum which is located at Auguststraße 68. The street has a lot of other art galleries as well. This exhibition explored women's sexuality and how it is perceived by women and others.
me Collectors Room
Auguststraße 68
The above photo in the middle has a sign reading in Russian "Foreigners Everywhere". I have probably laughed at it more than I should.
Rat on girl in the same gallery
Line marking where the Berlin Wall used to be
Brandenburg Gate
Deutsches Historisches Museum
Unter den Linden 2


Most of the time I stayed at Kreuzberg district, 2 min. walk from Neukölln district which is full of artists, hipsters, students and foreigners. Good place to live or visit on weekend if you are young.

Kreuzberg district
Somehwere in Mitte district, city centre
Berlin Tempelhof Airport
Tempelhof Airport during WWII
Apart from getting robbed in a park at night by two guys with a huge knife, Berlin was awesome. Once you arrive you get feeling of security and freedom you do not really feel in other places. It may sound a bit contradicting, but visit and see for yourself. For example, we were the only people in the police station we stayed at after the robbery and I saw that they were in charge of the whole Neukölln area of Berlin. Prices are low, sometimes insanely low, so be prepared to drink and eat a lot. And there is a lot of techno music everywhere. I mean really a lot.
Flying back to Estonia.
Actually it is a photo of me flying to Berlin but it suits the conclusion.
P.S: Do not buy "Welcome to Berlin" card/pass for tourists in the airport unless you plan to visit at least a dozen museums within 2-3 days and ride on bus/U/S-Bahn for dozen of times daily. Otherwise it is a ripoff the victim of which I successfully fell right after my arrival to Tegel Airport.

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