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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


OK, my fourth country this year (after Estonia, Czech Republic and France): United Kingdom.

UK greeted me with showers and freezing wind, as was expected. Just like at home...

I decided to settle in Birmingham, the second largest city in the UK, that has around 4 million residents taking into account its suburbs.

Bullring, one of the largest shopping centres in Europe:

My neighbourhood:

Occupy Birmingham...

...aka 99%:

Ducks on on of the channels of Birmingham enjoying pleasant British weather:

And same ducks flying south:

I didn't have enough time (or just became lazy) to look for new alternative venues/events, but I promise to upload some footage very soon.

One good thing is that you can still hear Balkan music on some streets here, just like in France...

Another good thing is that I missed some roughness in France (probably same as in Estonia), and even in general England seems like one of the most dangerous countries I've been to; more than Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, whatever... Or maybe I don't know it well enough yet...