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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

5 Film Screenings in BFM

Attended a BFM film screening on Monday morning. Both fiction and documentaries. I was expecting some usual so-so art, but was pleasantly surprised by creativity and thoughts conveyed in them. After entering the hall, I was disappointed by the size of the audience. I think I was also more nervous than some of the students who had to present their films in front of the jury; almost empty hall and unfamiliar faces of the judges made their dirty job.

Unfortunately, camera was not available at the time so I just had to concentrate on students and their films. The most memorable film was about Ukrainian family living in the old wooden house in the middle of the “rich” block complex. Great imageries of pigs eating something resembling intestines and goats skillfully finding food in the trash cans.

One film has been screened, the one I was helping to translate and do subtitles for, I obviously liked, since it became very personal during the last six months of work. It is about the director of puppet shows in the Estonian Puppet Theater (Eesti Nuku ja Noorsoo Teater), who has had enough of everything.

Film begins with the director talking to his Estonian friend about complexes of Estonia and how he was shocked by them after arriving here. The defense that followed included a woman saying that she was thankful that the filmmakers have brought up this uncomfortable, to most of Estonians, topic, and another woman getting annoyed by this. Ironically, that is why he left Russia as well: he was being mind-raped there also.

In general, some of the teacher’s comments were ridiculous, which has proved the unprofessionalism of local university teachers. The worst part is that most of the students are too afraid to stand up for themselves. I have witnessed such behavior for a long time already. Looks like avoidance and pure ignorance are the only things some people are capable of expressing. Or maybe we are all like this...

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