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Sunday, January 23, 2011

"For Love not money. For beginners" exhibition.

This exhibition was more attractive than usual exhibitions you see in EAST Gallery or in other galleries; various artists from Estonia and all over the world. A lot of people and confused faces. More or less usual crowd with Art Academy background. My friend tells me artists are the most insincere and bad people he has ever met. I yet have to discover if it’s true or not.

Kamasutra art in toilet


...and more visitors.

Chips, little cheese-cakes (kohuke) and beer.

Performance after the opening.

Workers banging on metal.


More mushrooms

And more...

Erki the grass-blower helping out with the sound.

Did not manage to take a shot of them kissing.

Even though it was minus ten,
it didn't stop people from having regular cigarette breaks.

I will not bore you with list of performers and artists, instead will offer you a photo-history.

My favorite artwork from Iran:

Hedgehog by Merhdad Khataei

Some artist said that he was surprised how Iranians still live in the 80s and it shows in this artwork. Don’t know if I should trust artists.

All You Need is Love by Villem Jahu and Tiinu Jürves

Artwork consists of thinly sliced Estonian Krones inside plastic packages.

Detail of the above artwork

Anettegerda by Gerda-Anette Allikas

100 Yuan by Berit Pajula

Map of Estonia

An European Pattern by Catalina Mos

Paintings by Saskia Järve

There was a lot of works, you can still visit the gallery until twentieth February.


  1. you got me laughing till mid point and then lost it, but wow They were baggies of shredded of money?
    Who were these people swimming in them naked? BAnkers?

  2. Yes, real money...
    They wanted to show how useful the Estonian Krone has become after joining the eurozone...and what you can do with your money now...Swim in it.
    I'd rather exchange those ones to Euro.

  3. Just read that some idiots opened packeages with ripped money and threw them all over EAST. And also stole some pillows made by artists, and some kamasutra pics...