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Monday, January 17, 2011

Friday night in EAST Gallery

Woke up in EAST Gallery, not knowing where I am, but the performance the night before was great.

Stars on Friday night were Lokaal Kann Valkeapää (, who have been creating songs since childhood, Miss and Meat Waits (, playing melancholic noise blues, but with extra sunshine, and The Sleep Well, a duo of Raul Keller and Hello Upan, with their radioactive dark drone and slow beats.

Lokaal Kann Valkeapää

The most remembered and emotional performance personally for me was made by Lokaal Kann Valkeapää, a couple which has showed us (the audience) how to play harmonica using two mouths and no hands. It felt like they were making love to each other through music. Even taking photos of them on stage felt like interrupting something sacred and significant.

Audience was pleasant and mostly sober

Low quality of photos is blamed on poor lighting.
Another post on the events in EAST Gallery and other underground/alternative/etc events in Tallinn will follow shortly!

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