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Friday, January 21, 2011

EAST Gallery. Monday evening. Three performers and three-person audience.

At first, a good friend, local Australian and just a good person lost in life, has been showing off his skills in noise music. It was something you would not generally hear in Tallinn, or in Estonia in general. Very noisy and messy. I guess it was supposed to be like this. Audience truly enjoyed the performance:

Later, Kouns (US) and Hinchey (CAN), who have arrived the same day from the gig in Belgrade and Novi Sad, Serbia, blessed us with mystic sounds from saxophone and glass filled with water.

You can get a feel of their music here:

Some information on the “duet”:

The day later, they left to Latvia, to perform in Riga, and later their path takes them to Lithuania and Poland. Let’s wish them more luck with the audience.

Argentinian violing player Sebastian Wesman making love to a violin in Kaarli Church (Kaarli Kirik) on Wednesday night. He has performed two times in the EAST Gallery before, now he is going for another holy place:

Right after entering the church, you could enjoy quite an impressive view:

Paganic Christmas trees, as my friend has noticed, do not really belong to the church.

Of course, accoustics were great; it felt like he was playing two violins at the same time:

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